Mind is nothing but Atma-Sakthi .The vast majority of men know not the existence of mind and its operations; it is only the yogis and those who practice meditation and introspection knows the existence of mind, its nature, ways and subtle working.


    Mind is invisible and intangible and not seen anywhere . Its magnitude is immeasurable and it doesn't require a space for its existence.


    The mind is made up of subtle matter of various grades of destiny with different rates of vibration. It is nothing but a collection of Samaskaras that change constantly. The samaskaras are nothing but the collection of habits , desires and feelings aroused by worldly botheration and ideas of gathering from different objects.


mind does sankalpa -Vikalpa (will thought and doubt)

    when the mind discriminates and decides, it is Buddhi.

    when the mind self-arrogates , it is Ahankara

    When the mind is store house of samaskaras and seat of memory , it is Chitta


    Everything in the maternal universe had its origin first in thought . Every man has a mental world of his own. Every man entirely differs from another man in mode of thinking, temperament, taste, mentally, physically characteristic, etc , .




    Conscious mind or objective mind, subconscious mind or subjective mind and super conscious mind are the three aspects of the mind . Sensational mind, rational mind and intuitive mind are the three aspects of mind according to another classification of western philosophers .




    Sensation, thought, and violation are the threefold functions of the mind. Cognition , desire, volition are the three mental processes. Mind has three states, viz,. active , passive and neutral. Mind always wants variety of new sensations. It is disgusted with monotony . Law of association, Law of continuity and law of Relativity are the three principles of mind. Thinking , planning, felling and knowing are the various activities that are various activities that are going on the mind, You must be able to know by introspection what exactly is going on at different times in the mind.




    There are three saktis of the mind, viz ,. Ichha sakti(desire), kriya sakti (action) and Jnana sakti ( knowledge).

    The desire arises in mind . This is Ichha sakti

    The mind exerts to have this desire gratified. This is kriya sakti .

    It plans, schemes and finds out methods , etc, . for the achievement of the desired object. This is Jnana sakti


    Apart from that the mind also possess other six important powers. They are:


  • vedana-sakti (power of perception)
  • samarana-sakti (power of memory)
  • Bhavana-sakti (power of imagination)
  • Manisha-sakti (power of judgment)
  • Ichha-sakti (will or violation)
  • Dharana-sakti (power to hold)
  • .