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        Hindu religion is said to be one of the oldest religion that is found to be spread over various countries in the world. And, lots of good issues, which help the people, and for their enrichments in lives are well explained in Hindu Vedas. These Vedas explain how a human should be and how he should be helpful to others and what are the good actions that he should perform.


        Dhaanams, Poojas etc are some of the Hindu rituals we follow to get the blessings of the Perumal but it is also done for our self – satisfaction, and it all represents our beliefs. Like Dhaanams, poojas, etc Homams are also said to be one of the greatest ritual in Hindu religion, whereby doing this, we can get rid of anything and also attain the Perumal.


        Homams and its relation to the scientific world:


        Lots of vedic actions, which are performed by our ancestors, are not only based on the rituals but also it has a close connection with the scientific explanation.


For instance:


        Some of the things that are placed in the Agni (fire) during performing Homam are said to transmit some kind of medicinal smoke and this smoke collages with the air thereby curing lots of human diseases.


Advantages / uses of doing Homams:


        Ghee, Small pieces of Banyan tree, aromatic products etc are some of things that are placed while performing Homams. The smoke, which comes out of the homams, has the tendency to purify the air and this smoke will not any air pollution. And this smoke is said to have medical values also.


Types of Homams:


Homams are classified into two and they are:


        Kaamya Homam.

        Naimithika Homam.


        "Kaamya Homam" is the short form of "Ishta Kaamya" Homam and this homam is performed on the basis of a person for his wealth, health etc.


        Kaamya homams are performed for a particular reason and performing a specific homam, the problem is solved and the things attain what we expect. This Kaamya homams can be done at home, by inviting Archakars (Pundits) who are skilled in performing various homams.


        "Naimithika Homam" is another kind of homam, which is done for the enrichment of the world, peaceful life etc.


        Naimithika homam, which is said to be the other kind of homam, generally should be performed at home. This homam should be done at the temples (or) in the midst of the city and this homam is done for the betterment of the whole human life.


        Now, let us know about some of the homams and perform these homams at home (or) in office to get rid of various problems that you face and lead a peaceful life.