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        Palani Hill Temple and the Idol "Lord Murugan" is the deity of the Tamil Land. Palani (Tiru Avinankudi) is the third Padai Veedu. The temple at Palani is an ancient one, situated at an elevation of 1500 feet above sea level. It is a charming campus from where one can take a look at the Idumban Hill, the Kodaikanal Hills, the Western Ghats, the greenery of the paddy fields, rivers, tanks, Palani town and the colleges. On a lovely, clear and mist-free day, the Kurinci Andavar Temple is visible from here against the bright Sun. In daytime, Palani is Hill Beautiful; at night, it is Hill Resplendent.


        The deity of Palani is known as Dandayudhapani Swami, the Lord having the Staff in his Hand. The deity at the sanctum sanctorum is made out of an amalgam of nine minerals popularly called Navabashana. The deity is in a standing position with a baton in his hand. He has the look of a person who has renounced all worldly pomp. He has just a loincloth besides the baton. He is a mute messenger of the great precept 'Renounce all to reach Me'. The icon is unique in the whole world. It was made by siddha Bhogar by combining nine poisonous substances (navabashana). Murugan signifies beauty and Lord Murugan of Kurinji land is the god of Beauty and Youth.


        Palani has been mentioned in the Tamil Sangam Literature as "Podhini", which came to be called as "Palani" later, according to the historions. In "Thirumurukatruppadai" ( a Sangam Literature ) Palani has been mentioned as the 3rd "PadaiVeedu". This was the southern end of the Kongu Nadu and edicts refer to this place as "Vaiyapuri Nadu" , which was ruled by king "Vaiyapuri Kopperumbaegan". Many "Siddhas" are said to have lived in this region. The idol of Palani Andavar is said to have been made of "Navapashanam" ( a combination of Veeram, Pooram, Rasam, Jathilingam, Kandagam, Gauri Pasanam, Vellai Pasanam, Mridharsingh, Silasat), by a siddhar called Bhogar. It is also claimed by many that the materials of abhishegam like milk, sandalpaste, etc., attain medicinal properties on being poured over Lord Palaniandavar's idol and they have cured many diseases, when taken by the patients. It is a speciality of Palani.


Pooja Times:
Vizhapuja Pooja 06:45 am
Kalasandhi Pooja 08:00 am
Sirukala Sandhi Pooja 09:00 am
Uchikkalam Pooja 12:00 Mid-day
Sayaraksha Pooja .05:30 pm
Rakkalam. Pooja 08:00 pm


General Information

Height of the Hill Temple : 150 M
Total no. of Steps : 689
Direction the Temple : Towards WEST
Pragaram around the Hill (Giriveethi) : 2.4 KM
Date of Last Kumbabhishegam : 05.07.2000

Airport Madurai ( 125 kms ) and Coimbatore (110).

Palani Railway Station (Local) and Dindigul Railway Junction ( 60 kms) .

Palani is Connected by Road with all important towns. Regular bus services are available from Palani to Madurai, Kodaikanal, Theni, Dindigul, Thiruchirappalli, Kumuli, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Chennai.

Horse Cart, Auto, Taxis and vans are available. City Buses are available.

Palani Devasthanam Office Address :
Joint Commissioner / Secretary / Takkar,
Arulmigu Dandayudapani Swamy Thirukoil,
Palani - 624 601
Tamil Nadu. INDIA. Phone : (04545) 91-4545 241417 or 242330

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