Personality Developemnt


Personality Development


        Where people live and work in well designed resilient environments in which enlighted Enterprises deliver excellent,sustainable products and where integral governance is provided by peaceful, healthy, organizations and system and conscious evolution powers a thriving global civilization in which a wise culture and human wellbeing are paramount.




        The modern medical system has replaced almost all the traditional systems of medicine in different parts of this globe, because of its rational basis. It has proved itself most effective in saving man from the fatal hands of contagious and infectious diseases. However, rapidly increasing incidences of stress related aliments are posing a great challenge to the modern medical system. It is here that yoga has started making a vital contribution to the modern system.




        Thinking is something each of us does everyday, all day long. In fact we never stop thinking even our sleep we still think (Dreaming). But not many of us realize the enormous effect of thoughts and thought patterns of our lives and those of other people’s lives.


        We are going to see about built brick walls around ourselves in order to protect us from being hurt in some way by the cruel word and perhaps this is not an unwise thing to do. The daily assault of radio, television, newspapers, hard work, telephones and intense relationships is enough to make even the most stable person weak at the knees. So, most of us have developed different kinds of defense mechanisms.


        The only problem is that sometimes we have forgotten who we really are behind the self created facades, attitudes, roles etc. We have come to believe we are these roles. We have identified ourselves with them.


        In this unit we will try to look behind those walls to see who is there” This is like introducing ourselves again. Hello this is the real me.


        Layer after layer is being peeled off until only the pure core remains and this core turns out to be positive a parkling, powerful, sweet and very interesting personality.


        If we never look behind these walls ourselves, we will always need someone else around us to tell us what a wonderful person we are but even then everyday we will ask the same question, do you really love me? only me? always?. As if we can hardly believe that what we pretend to be. Some people are a bit shocked to gently look at and speak about their own positive qualities. They might think that this is egocentric and it is not done.




        People are trying to communicate with each other all their life and yet fail to get their message across, the gap between the giver and the receiver remains wide as ever. Psychologists have found that if we distinguish between verbal and non-verbal communications non-verbal communication is more powerful. It is a good warning to those who rely too much on and are proud of their power of articular ninety-three percent of communication is non-verbal and only seven percent verbal. Even in non-verbal communication fifty-five percent is through facial expression, gestures, body language and action thirty eight percent is conveyed through emotions and attitudes to repeat, only a measly seven percent is done through words.


        No wonder that misunderstandings are mountainous and we have to spend much of our time clearing them. One of the reasons for communication gap is that people are very poor listeners. They interrupt a person before the person has finished. They do not set aside their own mind when they are listening. They interpret, start advising agreeing or disagreeing with the speaker. They are not sensitive to the feelings of the other person. All this confusion takes place because people listen through their minds. And real listening is through the heart. Listening is a form of meditation.




        Human beings are able to communicate in a variety of ways besides the use of words. This type of communication is referred to as non-verbal communication. For example, Samuel Morse, inventor of the first electric telegraph, invented a special alphabet of dots and dashes called the Morse code that is still used today. While the Morse code was used to communicate words quickly over distances, their codes have been developed to conceal the naming of messages. Such codes have played a significant role in a variety of military battles and are still used in contemporary times to secure important information that travels across the Internet.


        Perhaps the most prevalent form of non-verbal communication, however is body language. Among humans, body language accounts for a large part of meaningful communication. The way we sit, stand, gesture or orient ourselves in a group often helps others make accurate judgments about our thoughts, feelings and intentions. Mannerisms such as clenched jaw, narrowed eyes, or slumped posture can be interpreted as conveying anger, distrust, or disinterest. On the other hand, steady eye contact, a titled head, and a reassuring smile can demonstrate interest and empathy. As we develop a greater sensitivity to body language and its implications, we can be more in tune with the thoughts and feelings of others. We can also become certain that the messages we are communicating are the ones we intended to convey.


        It fits within the three-part breakdown Albert Mehrabian (Nonverbal Communication (Chicago: Aldine-Atherton, 1972) found in his research. Mehrabhain found that only about 7 percent of the emotional meaning of a message is communicated through explicit verbal channels. About 38 percent is communicated by paralanguage, which is basically the use of the voice. About 55 percent comes thorough nonverbal, which includes such things as gesture, posture, facial expression, etc. It is behavior other than spoken or written communication that creates or represents meaning.




        Modern age has been called the age of anxiety and stress. The various inventions of the man have brought vast changes in the outer world. Formerly we used to count distance in miles, now we counting it in flying hours.


        The only word ruling all over the world is “Stress” The stress is constantly creating problems on physical, mental and emotional levels in the form of various diseases.


        Mind finds it very difficult to cope with the fast changing world. It is the tremendous speed of the outer world and inner mind that creates the stress.


        In yoga Vasista, Vasista says “Being involved in worldly activities, when mind gets disturbed or agitated, it flows with great speed though we try to control it”. So stress is nothing but speed of the mind.


        All over the world, lacks and lacks of people are dying due to stress-oriented problems, like hypertension, Ischemic Heart Disease and lot many are leading a sort of disabled life due to spondylosis, diabetes, peptic ulcer, dyspepsia, colitis, nervousness, depression etc.,


        Psychiatrists estimate that 70% of today’s medical problems are stress oriented. Real danger to the existence of human race is not from Atom Bombs but from stree bombs. How to defuse-bombs?.


        According to Dr.Hans Selye, stress means “Non-Specific response of the body to any demand made upon it”.


        Stress is necessary concomitant of life but only that is purposeful which has the ability to convert the mild and moderate stress into music in life. Yoga is a living philosophy. It is a way of life offering opportunity for an optimum existence at physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual levels.




        Anger is a negative vritti or whirlpool in the mind-lake. It is born of ignorance. It is a strong emotion, excited by a real fancied injury and involving a desire for retaliation. Anger is the natural passion or emotion of displeasure and antagonism aroused by injury or insult, real or imagined and directed against the cause thereof. Anger arises from an idea of evil having been inflicted or threatened.